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Project Background

For an independent design challenge, I created a travel app for solo travelers.


UI design


Adobe XD
Google Suites


3 weeks


Project Goal

Design a tool that addresses the growing changes in the travel industry.

Travel industry Trends

User Interviews

I was interested to find out more about the growth of solo travelers and decided to focus on them as my audience. I reached out to solo travelers through Nextdoor and travel groups on Reddit and Facebook to hear about their travel habits and needs.

"It's pretty liberating, being able to decide on things without having a group discussion."
- Anna, user
the users...
  1. Are between the ages of 24 – 62
  2. Have traveled alone at least twice
  3. Participate in social media
  4. Live in urban and suburban areas
  5. Work full-time


They're Pursuing personal growth

Users embarked on solo trips to practice independence, strengthen self-reliance, and improve confidence.

They have safety concerns

Safety was a top priority, specifically amongst women. Practiced measures included daily check-ins with family and avoiding late-night activities.

They want unique experiences

Users made an effort to avoid tourist traps in favor of more niche options. They preferred asking locals and other solo travelers for activity suggestions catered towards solo visitors.

They're interested in making connections

Despite choosing to be alone, users expressed interest in meeting new people while traveling. Socializing was just as welcome as other activities.


The User

Meet Andrew


  • Cardiology resident and outdoor enthusiast living in Denver, Colorado
  • Has difficulty coordinating trips with friends due to his irregular schedule
  • Motivated to try traveling alone instead
  • Consults with friends and travel forums to find safety tips and activity suggestions
  • Enjoys socializing and meeting new people


  • Traveling more often on his on terms
  • Experiencing places like a local
  • Making friends on his trip


  • Tourist traps and unimaginative activities
  • Unsafe situations
  • Feelings of isolation

His Predicament

Solo travelers need a targeted trip planning tool, so they can overcome the unique challenges of traveling alone and make the most of their trip.



I started brainstorming ideas that could meet Andrew's needs as a solo traveler. I sat down with just a whiteboard and marker and quickly sketched out concepts using the 6-3-5 method. After evaluating them one by one, I chose the one most relevant to Andrew's persona and defined the information architecture in preparation for wireframing.

Building an MVP


Explore Screen

Search for a destination or browse by region and popularity.

New Trip Screen

Create a new trip after selecting your destination.

Destination Screen

Preview your trip destination and see a collection of local activities.

Activity Screen

Learn more about the activity through a short summary, images, and visitor info.

Activity Screen

See tips and easily-digestible reviews reported by other Roamer users.

Calendar Screen

See daily calendar events on your dashboard.

Navigation Screen

Explore destinations, view your dashboard, see your trips, connect with the Roamer community, or view messages.

Dashboard Screen

See calendar events, local emergency contacts, weather forecast, news bites, and track your activity.

Community Newsfeed Screen

See what's going on with other Roamers in the city. Post your thoughts, tips, questions, and more.

Community Users Screen

See nearby roamers to chat or meet up with.

User Profile Screen

Showcase your personality and get an introduction to other Roamer users.

Message Screen

Directly message nearby Roamers to make new connections.

Usability testing

For testing, I had users create a trip, plan an activity, and message another Roamer user. What did they think?

Project conclusion

The Takeaway

Overall, users thought Roamer would be a useful reference when planning a solo trip. Somewhat paradoxically, their favorite aspect of the concept was its emphasis on community. Despite choosing to be alone, solo travelers aren't necessarily lone wolves, and they want the opportunity to make the most out of their experience.

Because this was a personal project, I brought it to a close at this point. This was a fun, enlightening process, and I came away with a renewed interest in taking a solo trip again in the near future.

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